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Edwiser RemUI

Make Moodle™ software look attractive, professional and easy-to-use

Create an engaging LMS site with Edwiser RemUI. It’s not just a theme, it’s an EXPERIENCE!

Easily design your own LMS LIVE
Speed up course creation
Introduce new course formats
Craft your own homepage

The Edwiser homepage builder that comes with RemUI has made it easy to create a unique landing page for our LMS making it possible to easily change the design and present learning content in a very interactive manner with the course formats plugin. Aside from Edwiser RemUI being a great Moodle™ software customization theme, they provide an excellent support service that helps you resolve any issues and provide more customization options as you may require.

Emmanuel Abba

Edwiser Bridge

Easily sell courses to learners across the globe

Create an all-in-one e-commerce and marketing platform for Moodle™ software with WordPress and Edwiser Bridge

Effortlessly integrate WordPress and Moodle™ software
Sell globally with a payment gateway supported in your country
Seamlessly manage course enrollments
Synchronize Moodle™ software and WordPress data automatically

Edwiser Bundle makes integration from WordPress to Moodle™ software a breeze! I’d highly recommend this to all Moodlers who want to cut down on the amount of work while selling their courses. I could sell my Moodle™ software courses on WordPress and provide my customers with Moodle™ software access through the Edwiser Bridge in an instant. What I like is I can easily import courses to WordPress and automatically register users on Moodle™ software. The bundle handles this part so well and it’s a real time saver!

Nolan Damon

Edwiser Forms

Quickly build and embed forms in Moodle™ software without code

Create 45+ forms like enrollment, contact, support, inquiry... and more, with the ONLY drag and drop form builder for Moodle™ software.

Create forms in minutes with ready-to-use templates
Build smarter, dynamic forms tailored to each learner
Add forms in courses as part of course activity
Embed forms anywhere on your LMS

I downloaded the free version. I'm not a Moodle™ software expert but Edwiser Forms gave me exactly what I wanted.

John Peac

Edwiser RapidGrader

Save hours of grading time and effort in Moodle™ software

Spend less time struggling with the grading interface of Moodle™ software to swiftly evaluate student performance with Edwiser RapidGrader

Reduce grading time with single screen grading
Grade multiple questions or multiple students at once
Share feedback during the grading process

The instructor doesn't need to spend hours literally searching through and clicking through the courses and opening like 10 tabs in a browser to you know, grade all the different Sciences. I have a course with 10 modules and each model has at least four assignments.

Bogdan Radovic

Edwiser Reports

Get better insights with detailed Reports

Easily capture learner engagement information and trends, get access to multiple built-in reports with Edwiser Reports

Single dashboard to easily view or filter student engagement data
Ability to generate, schedule and export different types of reports
Get better insights from visual graphical representations
Track engagement in real-time & on daily/weekly basis

I was looking for a Moodle™ software report plugin that would be simple to set up, use, and easy to follow. After trying a number of plugins that didn't work, hrs of work, installing/uninstalling. I almost gave up, until I came across Edwiser reports. As a novice with Moodle and somewhat limited in technical knowledge, particularly the back-end, I needed some help and support. I reached out to Edwiser and was amazed at the help and guidance I was given.

Les Jones

Edwiser Site Monitor

Track the health of your LMS to speed up performance

Keep a check on system vitals, get to know what’s causing problems to help you fix issues immediately with Edwiser Site Monitor

LIVE user status tracking
LIVE memory & CPU status tracking
Easy access to all the plugins in one place
Graphical performance reports and timely email alerts

Edwiser Site monitor is an excellent utility tool. You get details about CPU and memory usage. Along with that it also offers the ability to notify about these site reports.

Gareth Barry

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